Men I Trust return with new single “Billie Toppy”

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During the summer Montreal trio Men I Trust released a one-off single titled “Hard To Let Go”. Luckily the band is blessing us today with another new single “Billie Toppy”. Both songs are their first new music since the brilliant “Untourable Album” from last year.

It’s hard not to love everything Men I Trust puts out there. The band is super consistent with their output and always has a certain quality to their releases. They’ve been doing great at maintaining their own unique sound and spin it in different ways, however we are happy to hear that “Billie Toppy” sees the band go in a slightly different direction. We are absolutely loving the rockier touch of the song and it works really well. The new single is probably one of our favourite releases of Men I Trust so far and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

Be sure to give the subtle but effective music video a watch below as well.

Billie Toppy” is out now on all platforms.