Mazey Haze returns with “The Weight of the Weekend”

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Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter and musician Mazey Haze is releasing her first music of 2022 with a great new single titled “The Weight of the Weekend”. The new song is the follow-up to her brilliant debut EP “Always Dancing”.

Nadine Appeldoorn aka Mazey Haze is probably one of our favourite discoveries of last year and we truly love everything this rising talent has released so far. So it comes as no surprise that also her new single “The Weight of the Weekend” is just as great as all her previous singles. The new song might be little bit less dreamy and airy than her previous work but we are loving it just as much. Mazey Haze’s vocals shine once again on the infectious production and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

About the new single she says:

“This song is about me trying to figure out for myself how to connect with people and wanting to get rid of the part of me that holds me back from being free. Thinking about my childhood, myself, and people in general. I find it hard to connect with myself and others, want to know why and how to get better. In this song, you could say I’m talking to myself, to certain people around me, and to the particular voice in my head that refuses to give me real peace and pride in anything I do.”

Be sure to give the great music video shot in France and directed by Tara Wilts a watch below as well.

“The Weight of the Weekend” is out now on all platforms via LUSTRE.