MAVICA shares mesmerizing new single ‘are you back?’

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The talented singer-songwriter MAVICA is mesmerizing us with a brand new single ‘are you back?’. The new song is the follow-up to last month’s brilliant ‘you could never do that’.

MAVICA is delivering once again a brilliant alternative pop song on her new single ‘are you back?’. While the song starts with a dreamy and ethereal soundscape, it gradually builds into an infectious instrumental of synths and snare drums. We are loving the euphoric switch in the track and MAVICA’s tender vocals glide along it perfectly. Both new songs are absolutely stunning and we’re sure there’s many big things ahead for this talented artist. We can’t wait to see and hear more!

About the new single she says:

I wrote this song after ending a friendship,” says MAVICA. “I was stretching myself, hesitant to let go and pushing the relationship to its limits until it broke. There were many moments of doubt and insecurity leading up to and after the breakup. The fear of loss and abandonment you feel is just as present in a non-romantic breakup. Eventually I accepted fate and learned how to deal with the frustration of seeing the relationship go downhill without being able to save it.” 

are you back?‘ is out now on all platforms via Broken Levee.