Luna Morgenstern unveils banging new single ‘IDONTOU’

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Photo: Nikola Lamburov

Last year we got introduced to Amsterdam-based, Cologne-born musician Luna Morgenstern and her infectious single ‘Little Girl‘. Now she’s of to a banging start in 2023 with her new song ‘IDONTOU’ (I Don’t Owe You).

On her new single ‘IDONTOU’, Luna Morgenstern shows a completely new and different sound in her musical soundscape. While her previous songs were more lush and indiepop, the new single is taking us straight back to the dance music of the late 90s and early 00s. On first listen it might sound like a euphoric trance song but the lyrics actually tackle a serious issue of recent assault cases that have come to light within the Dutch music industry. It’s a hard-hitting song and all the more important thanks to the lyrics.

About the new single she says:

“The surfacing of several cases of sexual assault at ‘The Voice Of Holland’ last year heavily triggered me. I was so angry and appalled by the victim’s accounts, that I had to transfer these emotions into a song. I wanted to write an anthem to all people who have experienced any form of sexual assault in their life. It shouldn’t be a sad song, but one that could be played at a party and that would make people want to dance, in order to reclaim ownership over their bodies.

For the lyrics, I took suggestive phrases and cat calls I had (over)heard countless times in my work surrounding or while going out and randomly connected them into a monologue that the protagonist has to endure. While the verses are kind of twisted, I wanted the message of the chorus to be very clear: you don’t own me and I don’t owe you, period.”

Luna Morgenstern keeps on showcasing different sides to herself and effortlessly crafts brilliant alternative pop music. We are truly excited to see what she does next!

IDONTOU‘ is out now via Nine And A Half.