Luis Ake shares mesmerizing new single “Kiew”

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German singer-songwriter and musician Luis Ake is delivering the goods every two weeks with a new single release. Earlier this month he surprised us with the incredibly up-beat “Lilith“, and now it’s time for a second release with “Kiew“.

Without a doubt Luis Ake has outdone himself again. New single “Kiew” is a perfect continuation of the sound of his debut album “Bitte Lass Mich Frei“. He effortlesly blends hints of darkwave with touches of ready to dance club music. All covered in a nostalgic and melancholic vibe thanks to his dreamy German vocals.

“Kiew” is a beautiful ode to escaping everyday life and was born after a recent trip to Ukraine’s capital. We’ve all been there, that feeling of letting go of your life and ready for a change. That euphoric feeling of going to an unknown place. Giving completely freedom in your mind and body. Luis Ake perfectly embodies that feeling on his latest single and we can’t wait to visit Kiev one day.

Check out “Kiew” now below!