Lip Filler announce ‘witchescrew’ EP and share new single ‘followup’

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Photo: Jude Harrison

Rising newcomers Lip Filler announce their brand new EP titled ‘witchescrew’. It marks the follow-up to last year’s self-titled debut EP. Together with the news they also unveil the energetic new single ‘followup’.

Lip Filler further develops their unique soundscape filled with some early-2000s influences and new single ‘followup’ might be one of their best yet. There’s literally never a dull moment in the energetic and hypnotizing track that perfectly blends scratchy guitars, punchy drums and glitchy electronics. We’re in love with the sound of Lip Filler and can’t wait to see what this talented band does next! About the new single they mention:

‘followup’ is about impatience. Time is a precious thing; when we are told to wait for something sometimes we feel as though we’re not making any progress. We push ourselves to ensure we’re occupying our time efficiently. Taking this to the extreme would mean avoiding sleep altogether, or sleepwalking. I think that’s how this song began to adopt more paranormal themes… ‘followup’ feels like a big turning point for us. I think we can all agree that this is the closest we’ve ever sounded to how we always wanted to sound. We’ve always tried to add an element of unpredictability to our music which followup captures really well. It’s always felt like a Frankenstein of a song; stitching it together was a nightmare. But what we ended up with feels like our most accomplished track to date.

followup‘ is out now on all platforms’. ‘witchescrew’ EP arrives May 24th via Chess Club Records.