Lewis OfMan invites Empress Of on new single ‘Highway’

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French musician Lewis OfMan returns with a brand new sound and single! Following last year’s ‘Move Me’ featuring Carly Rae Jepsen, it’s now time for a brand new track, ‘Highway’ which features Empress Of. Together with the new single the duo have also unveiled a brand new summery music video shot in LA by Ecoute Chérie.

While Lewis OfMan is mostly know for his electronic and synth heavy productions, on his new single ‘Highway’ he creates a completely different sound while still maintaining his perfect taste in pop music. Lewis OfMan and Empress Of are a match made in heaven. We are so happy to hear Empress Of on something completely different as well. Her smooth vocals just fit perfectly with the guitars and percussion. There’s a nostalgic and feel-good vibe in ‘Highway’ and we are loving the Brazilian influences in the track. This is really such an exciting collaboration and we wouldn’t mind to hear more of these two!

About the new single Lewis says:

“Highway” is a fresh shower, when you are getting ready to leave the house on a sunny day – it’s also a fresh shower for me as I’m getting into a new style. The track was started in Greece during a reset break from love & from being on the road… getting back to myself. I was listening to a lot of 70s Brazilian music, Jorge Ben, Quarteto Em Cy, etc. but also went back to the music I was listening to as a teenager, all this psychedelic rock, that is why you hear this fuzzy phaser guitar sound. I also played the drums on it, my first instrument, so it’s new but at the same time I’m coming back to my musical roots. Then I met Empress Of in Los Angeles and the morning before going to the studio I was walking to pick up my wallet I forgot and on the way, I listened to this demo I had and thought ‘this would be the perfect song to do with her’. The vibes were so easy, we wrote & recorded her voice in a few hours, I was so impressed by her tone – she’s one of the most talented singers I’ve ever met.

Highway‘ is out now on all platforms via Profil de Face.