Lava La Rue shares new single and music video ‘Humanity’

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Rising star Lava La Rue has shared the brand new single ‘Humanity’, taken from their eagerly anticipated debut album ‘STARFACE’. The upcoming record also features last month’s single ‘Push N Shuv’.

The music video starts with a live video where Lava La Rue gives a powerful opening speechs about humanity which instantly sets the mood for their beautiful new single. ‘Humanity’ is another brilliant track from the talented Lava La Rue and despite the heavy subject matter, the song gives a hopeful feeling of not giving up on humanity.

About the new single Lave La Rue mentions:

“This might be the most vulnerable I’ve ever been on a song. The verses follow a very literal experience about losing a friendship to addiction, but every time the chorus hits, it evolves into a response/reminder to not give up on humanity even when you feel like humanity has given up on you,” they explain. “It’s about cherishing the everyday moments/connections that let you know that there is just as much light as there is dark…and using those moments to restore your energy so you have the will to keep fighting for what you believe in.

The most radical thing we can do right now is to keep giving a fuck. To keep pointing out all the good stuff amongst the bad. People on both sides try and make us feel futile by preaching about peace and love but if we don’t – who will? I guarantee the hope that “things can get better – how can I make this happen” will get us further that “it’s all fucked” The most radical thing is to keep loving”

Humanity‘ is out now on all platforms. ‘STARFACE’ arrives on 21 June via Dirty Hit.