Komorebi Garden announce debut album ‘Weave’ and share new single ‘See My Will’

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You are currently viewing Komorebi Garden announce debut album ‘Weave’ and share new single ‘See My Will’
Photo: Phie Beckett Stenbæk

Let us introduce you to the mesmerizing sounds of Komorebi Garden and their latest single ‘See My Will’. The Danish duo consisting of Ronja Andersson and Eigil Heins are getting ready for the release of their upcoming debut album ‘Weave’.

“Komorebi” poetically describes sunbeams going through leaves and is a perfect metaphor to describe the sound of these young multi-instrumentalists. Komorebi Garden’s latest single ‘See My Will’ captivates with its thrilling R&B-inspired production and comforting, soulful vocals, all enveloped in an dreamlike soundscape. Upon our first listen, the magic of Komorebi Garden immediately grabbed our attention and we can’t wait to hear what else this talented duo has to offer. The upcoming debut album promises a unique combination of the warmth found in classic analog music and more innovative modern digital sounds. We can’t wait!

About the new single they say:

“We live in a world where many people are busy doing well, doing things right, looking good andmaintaining aperfectfacade.We seem to forget thatthe more unpolishedflawsof humanity are just asmuch a part of us–flaws we should acknowledge and accept! The will that grows is the will and courage tobe yourself. The will grows out of the ground in the forest, innature… in human nature.”

See My Will’ is out now on all platforms. Debut album ‘Weave’ arrives November 10th via 100Blaa.