Kleerup is back with AlunaGeorge collaboration ‘Lovers Table’

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It’s been ages since we last heard from Kleerup. We’re so excited he’s back! The Swedish producer is responsible for some dance pop classics. Including ‘With Every Heartbeat’ (feat. Robyn) and ‘Until We Bleed’ (feat. Lykke Li).

Now, after a few years away Kleerup is finally sharing music agian. On his first single ‘Lovers Table‘ from a new upcoming project, the artist worked together with UK duo AlunaGeorge. Luckily, the song sounds exactly what you would expect from a Kleerup track. It’s a gorgeous melancholic dance pop track with lots of synths and lush vocals from Aluna Francis. About the track Kleerup says: “I think we really nailed all the parts on this song, the vocals, the production and the whole team is perfect. I couldn’t be happier to release this track as a sort of a comeback single.” We couldn’t agree more!

Apparently there’s a full album on its way, we can’t wait to see who else will be featuring on it! Until then, listen below to ‘Lovers Table‘: