Kinships debut with soothing single “Splitting Hairs”

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There’s an exciting new indie electronic duo in town! Let us introduce you to Aoife, Tom and Dave who joined forces as the magical trio Kinships. After a long time of writing music and recording, Kinships is now ready to present their stellar first single “Splitting Hairs“.

Kinships first single “Splitting Hairs” is one of these rare gems that we’re so glad to discover. The UK-based duo instantly knows how to transport us into their mesmerizing soundscapes. It’s those delicious and soothing synths mixed with electronic guitars plus the incredibly lush vocals. Luckily, Kinships debut single is part of a forthcoming EP called “Shapeshifter“. A project which will see the trio release every two weeks a brand new track. We are big fans already and can’t wait to hear more!

Splitting Hairs” is available now on all platforms and the “Shapeshifter” EP is set to arrive September 18th.