Kaleida return with haunting new single ‘Hollow’

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You are currently viewing Kaleida return with haunting new single ‘Hollow’
Photo: Benjamin Hampson

Transatlantic duo Kaleida, consisting of producer Cicely Goulder and vocalist Christina Wood have returned with a brand new single titled ‘Hollow’. It marks the duo’s first new release since their 2020 album ‘Odyssey’.

On their new single ‘Hollow’, Kaleida deliver once more a stunning piece of electronic music with emotive lyrics and vocals. The track showcases the duo’s signature style, creating a haunting and infectious musical experience that surely will leave a lasting impression. Kaleida always deliver pure quality and they are a standout act that you shouldn’t ignore! The new single is accompanied with a mesmerizing live performance which we highly recommend you to check out below. ‘Hollow’ is the first single from an upcoming album and we can’t wait to hear more!

About the new single they say:

“Hollow was one of those tracks that had an epic journey – from its original chorus lines about finding peace sitting with sadness – to its final form with lush production textures and the nostalgic piano house riff hinting at the happy-sadness at its core.”

Hollow’ is out now on all platforms via Embessy One.