Jelly Crystal shares “Lonely” from new EP “ILY”

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Filip Johnson aka Jelly Crystal is back with a gorgeous melodic EP titled “ILY“. Following the stunning “Happy Ending” featuring Alice Boman and “I Tryyy” featuring Seinabo Sey. It’s now time for the focus track “Lonely“.

The Swedish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is showing a more vulnerable side to himself on his latest EP “ILY” and does so very beautifully. The EP is filled with heartfelt pop and melodic soulful songs and one of our favourites is the new single “Lonely”. Jelly Crystal’s songwriting shines on the new single and it’s filled with an infectious funky production that we can’t get enough of. About the new EP, Jelly Crystal says:

This is the closest I’ve come to how I want it to sound like, I almost wish that my debut album sounded like this. It’s simply better songs, different arrangements and we recorded it live from the studio, which automatically made it more organic and melancholy!

Jelly Crystal’s new single “Lonely” and EP “ILY” are out now on all platforms via Smuggler Music.