Iska Dhaaf share final track “Unheard Choir” from their new EP “UP”

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You are currently viewing Iska Dhaaf share final track “Unheard Choir” from their new EP “UP”

Nathan Quiroga and Benjamin Verdoes aka Iska Dhaaf just unveiled their brand new EP titled “UP“. The new release consists of the duo’s earlier released singles “Frida Kahlo“, “Crying In Your Sleep” and “Up“. To celebrate the new release we are sharing the beautiful closing track “Unheard Choir” with you today. 

On their latest track “Unheard Choir“, the Brooklyn-based duo delivers a beautiful song about loss and separation from loved ones. The dreamy and haunting song slowly builds up into a stunning and atmospheric end. The song is perfectly fitting for our current times and just makes us want to close our eyes and forget about everything for a while. Benjamin’s beautiful vocals and emotive lyrics blend perfectly against the lush instrumentation. “Unheard Choir” is definitely one of the best Iska Dhaaf has released so far and we can’t wait to hear what this promising duo will do next! 

Iska Dhaaf’s new EP “UP” comes with one more great unreleased track called “If You Want It“. Be sure to give the full EP a listen below. “UP” is out now on all platforms via Jenny Invert Records.