ionnalee announces new album ‘Close Your Eyes’ and shares first single ‘innocence of sound’

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Photo: John Strandh

Swedish artist ionnalee has announced her brand new album ‘Close Your Eyes’, which is set for a release June 21st via TWIMC. The new record follow’s 2022’s album ‘Be Here Soon’ released as iamamiwhoami and is the follow-up to ionnalee’s solo album ‘REMEMBER THE FUTURE’. Together with the new album announcement she also unveils the record’s first single ‘innocence of sound’.

On her new single ionnalee works again with her long-term collaborator Claes Björklund to deliver a beautiful electronic synth pop song that takes us right back to the music from iamamiwhoami’s ‘BLUE’. ‘innocence of sound’ also comes with a version sung in Swedish ‘allting vill rinna ut i sand’, which will be released on ‘BLUND’. A swedish version of the upcoming ‘Close Your Eyes’ album. We can’t wait!

About the new single she says:

The album is called CLOSE YOUR EYES is a sequel to BLUE (2014). It’s about how to dream in a dark time and how to be someone like me, an artist who feeds off of that ability for a living. How to get to a state of hopefulness, euphoria, sorrow in a time where the world seems less and less connected to other humans, to nature and to our future. I needed to make this album right now. How I find music, when made from the heart, still after working as an artist for 20 years, is a core element in my life. How crooked the view of music’s value is now even though it’s soundtracking our daily lives and can get us through the toughest of times.

The album was made through 2023 which was a heavy year personally. People that I love are suffering, life has been really serious midst hard work and little rest, I spent a lot of time alone with my child during periods, so all awake vacant hours during the nights became a time for writing and recording as my baby has been sleeping. I’ve needed to get back to feeling whatever the incredible feeling I get when music is fun to make and listen to. And I did. Thanks to my community I was able to keep creating my worlds undisturbed.

innocence of sound‘ is out now on all platforms. ‘Close Your Eyes / BLUND‘ arrives June 21 via TWIMC.