ill peach share new track ‘COLLIDING’

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Photo: Lucy Sandler

Los Angeles duo ill peach share another taste of their upcoming debut album ‘THIS IS NOT AN EXIT’ with new single ‘COLLIDING’. The new track follows the previous released singles ‘BLOOM‘, ‘HEAD FULL OF HOLES‘, ‘HEAVYWEIGHT’ and ‘BLAH BLAH BLAH’, which will all appear on the highly anticipated album.

New single ‘COLLIDING’ is once again a brilliant offering from the alternative pop duo. While the song starts soft and acoustic, it gradually builds into indie-rock to a light drum and bass track. ill peach always seem to perfectly mix completely different sounds and turn it into a one hell of an infectious pop song. This duo is certainly one to have your eyes on since we are sure they’re destined for big things. We can’t wait until its November to hear the record in full!

About the new single they say:

THIS IS NOT AN EXIT is a record about healing, a process often spoken about in New Age-y terms but one that in reality can be really confusing and, yes, weird. But it is the beautiful strangeness of being alive that ill peach capture so well on This is Not an Exit. The band’s unabashed embrace of their own zany impulses enhances the honesty at the heart of their songs, because what is zanier than unpredictability of human emotions in the face of life’s challenges? What is more beautiful than coming out the other side with greater wisdom and compassion for yourself and others? As Morrissey says: “You can’t run away—you gotta just face these things.” That’s a song worth singing along to.

‘COLLIDING’ is out now on all platforms. ‘THIS IS NOT AN EXIT‘ arrives November 3rd via Hardly Art Records.