ill peach announce debut album ‘THIS IS NOT AN EXIT’, share new single ‘BLOOM’

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You are currently viewing ill peach announce debut album ‘THIS IS NOT AN EXIT’, share new single ‘BLOOM’
Photo: Lucy Sandler

Los Angeles duo ill peach have announced their highly anticipated debut album ‘THIS IS NOT AN EXIT’. Together with the announcement the talented duo also unveil a brand new single and music video ‘BLOOM’. The new album will also feature the previous singles ‘HEAVYWEIGHT’, ‘HEAD FULL OF HOLES‘ and ‘BLAH BLAH BLAH’.

We are so happy to have stumbled upon ill peach and their ever-changing sound. All singles so far are unique in their own way and on new single ‘BLOOM’ they once again offer a brilliant piece of alternative pop. The new single is giving us a strong Yeah Yeah Yeahs vibe, which is a big compliment. ‘BLOOM’ is a song about bittersweet love but at the same time quite euphoric. We can’t get enough of it! Be sure to give the music video directed by Jeffrey Poser a watch below as well.

About the new single they say:

“‘BLOOM’ might be our only love song. A bittersweet one. It’s about testing the boundaries of a long-distance relationship. How can you love and be with someone if you can’t see them? In the flux of everything that happened these past few years, we saw friends and longtime relationships break up like a ripple effect. But also surprisingly, the ones that had it the hardest around us found love in the ashes, a beginning to an ending. Love can and will navigate anything if you believe it. So Bloom is our anthem to fighting for love.”

‘BLOOM’ is out now on all platforms. ‘THIS IS NOT AN EXIT‘ arrives November 3rd.