GRETA returns with euphoric new single ‘Never Enough’

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Photo: Julie Montauk

Copenhagen-based musician GRETA has made a triumphant return with her stunning new single, ‘Never Enough’. This marks GRETA’s first release of new music since her album, ‘Forever We’ll Be Dancing’, which dropped last year.

As of now, there is no confirmation whether ‘Never Enough’ is part of an upcoming album or a standalone release. However, we’re absolutely loving the new musical direction she’s pursuing. While electronic music isn’t unfamiliar territory for GRETA, ‘Never Enough’ stands out as possibly her most accessible dance-pop track to date. It delivers a blend of melancholic club music at its finest, showcasing something GRETA frequently dabbles in. This time, the steady drumbeat and euphoric hook make this highly infectious and truly deserves to be heard by many.

Never Enough‘ is out now on all platforms via W.A.S. Entertainment.