Faux Real unveil new single ‘Love On The Ground’ and announce debut album ‘Faux Ever’

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You are currently viewing Faux Real unveil new single ‘Love On The Ground’ and announce debut album ‘Faux Ever’

 Franco-American brothers Virgile and Elliott Arndt aka Faux Real have released a brand new single titled ‘Love On The Ground’ together with the announcement of their highly anticipated debut album ‘Faux Ever’. The new album will also feature the previously shared singles ‘Rent Free’ and ‘Faux Maux’.

Faux Real always surprise us with every new release and their new single is no exception. The art-pop duo delives once more a incredibly lush and infectious song which surely will be our soundtrack for these upcoming warmer days.

About the new record the brothers mention:

“We’re always questioning things and turning them upside down,” says Elliot Arndt. “Our sound has never been more personal,” added Virgile Arndt. “The method to this specific madness has been one of constant change, with our studio locale never fixed, always more minimal than the last. Faux Ever is a reflection on art, brotherhood, authenticity, faults and triumphs.

It feels pretty insane to finally announce our first full-length record. Been a while in the making and we couldn’t be more excited with how it turned out. After years of work between different studios, homes and cities, we like to think we’ve encapsulated the true essence of Faux Real into these 11 songs. We’d like to thank all of you for your continued support since the start of this journey. We promise it was worth the wait. For now, go blast “Love On the Ground”, buy tickets to our upcoming tour and come witness the premiere of Faux Ever in its rawest, most unhinged form.”

Love On The Ground‘ is out now on all platforms. ‘Faux Ever’ arrives October 11th via City Slang.