Evil House Party deliver banging new single “Keep Going On”

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You are currently viewing Evil House Party deliver banging new single “Keep Going On”

Emma Acs and Mini Esco aka Evil House Party are back with a banging new single called “Keep Going On“. The new track follows their brilliant single “Head Held High” and both are taken from their forthcoming debut EP “Grand Theft Audio“.

Evil House Party already sold us on their previous single “Head Held High”, however on their new single they are definitely turning us into big fans! “Keep Going On” further delves into the duo’s interesting mixture of sounds, blending them all into one hell of an alternative pop banger. Emma’s vocals are absolutely shining on this one and it feels kind of like a Beach House song against a massive electronic production with touches of trance and house. We truly can’t wait to hear this one live on day or played somewhere loud at a club!

“Keep Going On” is out now on all platforms and “Grand Theft Audio” arrives September 24th via Third Coming Records.