Dehd deliver outstanding new single “Flood”

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You are currently viewing Dehd deliver outstanding new single “Flood”

Chicago band Dehd is currently getting ready to release their third album “Flower Of Devotion“. After sharing the record’s lead single “Loner” it’s now time for another stellar single with “Flood“.

We are absolutely blown away by the trio’s new single “Flood”! It’s an indie rock masterpiece in all it’s glory. Starting with Jason Bella’s heavenly guitars and followed by Emily Kempf’s outstanding vocals. Her gut-punching and brooding vocals are slowly pulling our hear strings. Just like the song title says, the track is sort of like a flood. Powerful, uncontrollable and hitting you hard. The meditative and atmospheric song is perfect for those late nights, sitting alone in the darkness and letting it all wash over you like wave.

With two brilliant releases so far, we can’t wait for the full length of Dehd! “Flower Of Devotion” arrives July 17th via Fire Talk.