Dawn to Dawn return with new single ‘Seventh Floor’

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Photo: Kirk Lisaj

Montreal-trio Dawn to Dawn return with a brand new single titled ‘Seventh Floor’. The band consisting of Tess Roby, Adam Ohr and Patrick Lee released last year their brilliant debut album ‘Postcards From The Sun To The Moon’.

Further developing their mesmerizing synth-heavy sound, Dawn to Dawn are back with a perfect continuation of their previous releases. ‘Seventh Floor’ is an infectious, spacey song about love and lust in a concrete jungle. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a late night drive through the city. Tess Roby’s hypnotizing vocals glide against a catchy synth production that we can’t get enough of. We are happy to have Dawn to Dawn back and can’t wait for more!

Seventh Floor‘ is out now on all platforms SSURROUNDSS.