Cherry Glazerr share synth-pop single “Rabbit Hole”

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You are currently viewing Cherry Glazerr share synth-pop single “Rabbit Hole”

Indie rockers Clementine Creevy, Sami Perez and Tabor Allen aka Cherry Glazerr are back with a brand new single! The Los Angeles band just unveiled the infectious and synth-heavy track “Rabbit Hole“. It’s Cherry Glazerr’s first new music since their 2019 album “Stuffed & Ready“.

Getting ready for their fourth record, Cherry Glazerr is re-inventing themselves ditching some of the heavy guitars and going for some delicious electro pop. The synth-heavy track uses a sample from The Moderation’s great track “All Because Of You” and is an interesting new direction for the band. Cherry Glazerr effortlesly blend their rockier sound with some infectious and breezy synths. “Rabbit Hole” is one hell of a banger and we are loving this new sound!

Rabbit Hole” is out now on all platforms via Secretly Canadian.