Charles unveils new single “Impudent Hussy”

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Los Angelas artist and musician Charlotte Lindèn Ercoli Coe aka Charles is getting ready to release her sophomore album “Let’s Start A Family Tonight“. The record arrives May 21st and will feature previous singles “Remember Blushing” and “Rex Harrison“. Charles is now unveiling one last single with “Impudent Hussy” before the record drops.

We instantly fell in love with Charles on hearing her return to music with the stunning “Remember Blushing”. Both singles that have come afterwards have just been as good. New single “Impudent Hussy” is a woozy and dark atmospheric track about one of Charles’ darker days in her life. “It’s about feeling imprisoned and capitulating to the idea of completely giving up on having a decent life. The day I recorded it is also the day I went to a birthday party and met the person who spurred on “Rex Harrison”, who pulled me out of that nonsense thinking entirely.

We truly can’t wait to hear what else Charles has to offer. Luckily we don’t have to wait long for “Let’s Start A Family” anymore. Until then, we will be having “Impudent Hussy” on repeat!

Impudent Hussy” is out now on all platforms. Charles’ new album “Let’s Start A Family Tonight” is out May 21st via Babe City Records.