Cayo Coco drops new single “Slide”

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Los Angeles – based artist Cayo Coco just dropped his magnificent new single “Slide”. The 22-year old singer and producer debuted in 2018 with his “You Are Safe Here” EP and started writing in 2019 together with producer Lars Stalfors (St. Vincent and Foster the People). He’s currently getting ready to release his upcoming EP “A Beautiful Moon” out May 15 2020. Which features the previously shared single “Strangers” and “Never Enough“.

On his new single “Slide“, Cayo Coco creates such a perfectly crafted sound. Effortlesly melting different genres into one incredibly infectious tune. That delicious bass line and his heartfelt vocals take you into the artist’s melancholic world. The sound is like a perfect mixture between Black Atlas and MorMor. Cayo Coco was completely new to our ears before and we’re oh so glad we discovered him. This deserves to be heard by many!