Caroline Polachek reveals new single ‘Dang’

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Caroline Polachek has unveiled her new single ‘Dang’, which follows her critically acclaimed album, ‘Desire, I Want To Turn Into You.’

She has been teasing the song for a while, and “Dang” was one of the first tracks she recorded for her highly anticipated follow-up to 2019’s ‘Pang.’ Although “Dang” didn’t make the final cut for ‘Desire, I Want To Turn Into You,’ Caroline is luckily still sharing this experimental pop piece with us. The track was co-created with Cecile Believe and Danny L Harle, perfectly showcasing Caroline Polachek’s unique approach to songwriting and left-field pop music. She premiered the song last night with an equally mesmerizing performance that felt like a surreal Ted Talk and is undoubtedly worth watching. Caroline’s work continues to enchant us and she’s truly a one-of-a-kind artist.

Dang‘ is out now on all platforns.