Biig Piig unveils new banger “Feels Right”

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London-based musician Jess Smyth aka Biig Piig is on a roll, surprising us with one brilliant single after another. Today she’s blessing us once again with a delicious single called “Feels Right“. This follows her other 2020 singles including “Switch“, “Don’t Turn Around” and “Oh No / Liahr“.

Biig Piig’s latest single “Feels Right” starts with a subtle and beautiful instrumental backed by the singer’s lush vocals. The sound slightly reminds us of those 90s productions that could have been from an All Saints record. “Feels Right” is all about that desire to have a crazy night out and the current absence of it all. Once the chorus starts we just want to get up and dance. It’s has such a feel-good vibe in it’s melody and production that we just can’t stop smiling.

We truly can’t wait to hear what this rising talent will do next. Literally every single release has been such a great and unique listening experience!

Feels Right” is out now on all platforms via Sony Music Entertainment.