Biig Piig returns with new single “Switch”

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Biig Piig is the musical project of London-based artist Jess Smyth. The 22-year old grew up between Ireland and Spain before settling down in London. For the last two years the singer-songwriter and producer has been sharing one soothing song after another. One of our favourites is last year’s “No Place For Patience” EP, which included the sultry bilingual track “Rose And Gold“. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for new music. Biig Piig just dropped a brand new track called “Switch“!

Biig Piig is mostly known for her lo-fi R&B sound but on new single “Switch” the artist literally switches things up a bit. She’s ditching the laidback vibe and instead goes for a banging pop tune that transforms into a hard-hitting drum and bass track. “Switch” is short, but incredibly infectious and shows Biig Piig eclectic sound and style. We’re loving this and can’t wait to hear what she does next!