Badlands unveils double single “Fantasma I / Fantasma II”

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You are currently viewing Badlands unveils double single “Fantasma I / Fantasma II”

Last year, producer and multi-instrumentalist Catharina Jaunviksna aka Badlands surprised us with her brand new single “Hearts“. We didn’t hear from the Swedish artist for almost 3 years, after she debuted with the “Locus” LP. She instantly got our attention when we heard the mesmerizing track “Echo“. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for a follow-up to “Hearts“. Badlands just dropped a fantastic 10-minute long new single called “Fantasma“.

Listening to the new single is like we’re slowly taking a jump into a perfectly crafted universe filled with delicious synths. On the first part we are gradually diving into an ethereal, almost trance-like soundscape. It gives us a feeling of simply forgetting about everything that’s going on in the world. Slowly drifting away to those heavenly synths. In the second part, the songs takes a darker and more hypnotic turn backed by Badlands’ hazy vocals. “Fantasma I / Fantasma II” is like an otherworldly experience that you shouldn’t miss out on!

We are extremely impressed and can’t wait to hear more. Listen for yourself now below.