ÄTNA return with stunning new single ‘Alive’

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Photo: Josefine Schulz

One of the most exciting newcomers from Germany, ÄTNA, are back with a beautiful new single titled ‘Alive’. The new release follows their previous 2023 single, ‘All That I Am’.

Known for their heavy electronic and eclectic sound, ÄTNA is taking a different approach with their latest single, ‘Alive’, as they are ready to slow things down. The track offers a refreshingly reduced and subtle sound, with Inéz Schaefer’s emotive vocals against the piano creating a stunning and haunting atmosphere. It serves as the perfect companion piece to the ballad ‘Try’ from their brilliant debut album, ‘Made By Desire.’ ÄTNA has also grouped the new single with some of their other slower tracks, resulting in a beautiful collection of mellow songs. A perfect soundtrack for these darker days.

Alive‘ is out now on all platforms via Humming Records.