Alice Jemima shares glistening new single “Everything’s Changing”

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You are currently viewing Alice Jemima shares glistening new single “Everything’s Changing”

Alice Jemima is on a roll releasing one incredible single after another! Her first new release in 2020 is the title track from her upcoming record “Everything Changes“. It follows the previously released singles “Icarus“, “Dancing In Love“, “Our Love“ and “Somebody“.

On new single “Everything’s Changing” the talented artist is singing about anxiety, uncertainty and everyday-pressures. Even though that might sound like hard and difficult topics, Jemima still makes it sound like everything’s all right. It’s almost like an anthem agains all our problems and anxiety! She always knows how to set a mood with each track she’s releasing and we love the up-beat vibe and lush vocals. We’re instantly in a good mood while listening to “Everything’s Changing“!

Listen to the new single now below and be on the look out for “Everything Changes” February 28th!