Aime Simone returns with “Answer The Night”

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Parisian artist Aime Simone is back with a brand new single called “Answer The Night“. It’s the musician’s first new release since his stellar debut album “Say Yes, Say No” released last year. The first record contained some of our favourite tracks of 2020, including “Strange Inside“, “In This Dark Time” and “What’s Up With The World?“.

Luckily we didn’t have to wait long for Aime Simone to make his grand return and new single “Answer The Night” is exactly what you’d expect from the talented artist. Sonically the song is reminiscent of his biggest hit so far “In This Dark Time”. Fans of that one will definitely adore the new track. We can never seem to get enough of Aime Simone’s heartfelt vocals and they absolutely shine on “Answer The Night”. The new single is once again beautifully written and comes with a super infectious chorus. Aime Simone always seems to deliver and we love his alternative take on pop music. We truly think that he deserves to be big! Fingers crossed more music is on its way and hopefully this is the first taster of a sophomore album.

Answer The Night” is out now via Aime Simone’s own label No Start No End.