yergurl unveils new single ‘exactly the same’

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Photo: James Dryden Studio

yergurl is back with the third single of her upcoming mixtape, set for release next year. The Australian musician shares ‘exactly the same’ which follows the previously released tracks ‘hard‘ and ‘a lil bit’.

yergurl’s latest single, ‘exactly the same’ is intricate and powerful at the same time, wrapped in a mesmerizing soundscape. The song truly comes alive when the chorus kicks in, where she infuses it with a raw and emotive energy that beautifully complements the hypnotic electronic production. yergurl is swiftly solidifying her place as one of our favorite emerging alternative pop artists, and we’re eagerly anticipating her upcoming mixtape. Don’t miss out on this rising star!

About the single she says:

This is a special lil sentimental song for me, unlike anything I’ve really shared before… for once I am not writing about a lover, but this time – a friend. Not a big deal but we had a huge fight (waaah)… but it was honestly a devastating loss for me. One way I processed this loss was through writing this song. I wrote this song pretending we had reunited and that he was just the way I had left him… exactly the same. About a year later he reached out to me to reconnect!

I like to think perhaps writing this song played a part in a divine sense. Maybe I manifested this? Maybe he heard my soul calling out to his? Maybe he received my spiritual letter?

exactly the same‘ is out now on platforms.