Yawn unveils dreamy new single “Wasting Time”

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Julia McDougall aka Yawn is back with her first single of 2020 called “Wasting Time“. The singer/songwriter and musician released last year her brilliant debut EP “You & I“.

Yawn’s new single “Wasting Time” is an impressive alternative pop song thanks to her poetic lyrics and nostalgic production. The singer’s warm and powerful vocals shine against the synth heavy production. It’s a song that makes you stop what you are doing and will make you truly listen to the beautiful lyrics. If that all wasn’t enough there’s also those delicious saxophone sounds that elevate the song to an even higher ground.

Be sure to give the song a listen below and watch Yawn perform the song live at KW Studios. We truly can’t wait to hear more from this talented artist! Fingers crossed there’s more new music on its way.

Wasting Time” is out now on all platforms via Rainbow Records.