Watch sillus return with enthralling music video for “dapply”

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Let us introduce you to Icelandic artist Sigurlaug Thorarensen a.k.a. sillus! Two years ago she debuted with her EP “dapply“. Unfortunately after the release we haven’t heard much about sillus. Luckily, she’s now ready to breathe new life into the ep’s title-track with a brand new video!

dapply” is a subtle, yet very intriguing song that perfectly shows her DIY approach to music. The lo-fi production blends perfectly with her heartfelt and icy vocals. It’s a stunning short song, that has left us wanting more! We’re happy sillus is breathing new life into “dapply”, because it’s too good to be unnoticed. We’re sure that fans of fellow Icelandic artist JFDR will love this. Besides, it also reminds us a bit of vōx.

sillus is currently working on a brand new EP, hopefully coming out later this year. We can’t wait to hear more from this rising new talent! Check out the beautiful video directed by Ugla Hauksdóttir below!