Thomas Azier shares new single “Sick Loop Lover”

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Dutch artist Thomas Azier is back with a brand new single called “Sick Loop Lover“. The new track follows the previous songs “Skin & Blister” and “Buryatia” from last year.

Back in 2020 Thomas Azier released his last full length album “Love, Disorderly“, which in our opinion is some of his best work yet. On that record he’s pursuing a more alternative and experimental sound and we are glad to hear he’s still following this on the last few singles released. Every track is unique in their own way and new single “Sick Loop Lover” is once again a stunning single in Thomas’ ever-growing catalogue of music. His crooning vocals are backed by a beautifully crafted melancholic soundscape. Pulsating synths and strings create an atmospheric track that just leaves us wanting more. Hopefully another new album of Thomas Azier is on the horizon this year. We can’t wait! Until then, check out “Sick Loop Lover” out below.

Sick Loop Lover” is out now on all platforms via Hylas Records.