TENDER unveil new single “Own Up”

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James Cullen and Dan Cobb aka TENDER are back with their fourth single release of this year! New single “Own Up” follows the previously shared “6 In The Morning“, “Living” and “Come Down When You’re Ready“. TENDER is truly unstoppable when it comes to releasing new music. The duo arrived in 2017 with their great debut album “Modern Addiction” and released last year its follow-up with “Fear of Falling Asleep“.

TENDER’s new single “Own Up” is once again a stellar single and fits perfectly next to the previous shared songs. The UK-based duo delivers a killer electronic production filled with glistening synths and delicious guitars. On top of that there are those extremely lush and soothing TENDER vocals that we just adore! We can’t wait to hear more and hopefully a new full length is on it’s way as well!

New single “Own Up” is out now on all platforms and comes with a great glitchy and vintage looking video. Check it out below!