SASSY 009 and Clairo share dreamy new anthem “Lara”

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You are currently viewing SASSY 009 and Clairo share dreamy new anthem “Lara”

What probably comes as one of the most surprising, but oh so exciting collaborations this year, just happened! SASSY 009 and Clairo teamed-up, creating an anthem for all indie-pop lovers out there! Both artists are fresh off their incredible releases this year. Clairo shared her stellar debut album “Immunity” earlier this year and SASSY just shared her “KILL SASSY 009” EP two weeks ago!

If dropping an EP wasn’t enough for the talented artist and producer, we are now blessed with this new collaboration, called “Lara“. Clairo’s melancholic vocals shine on the dreamy and clubby production created by SASSY. It truly brings the best of both worlds into one exciting track. The incredibly talented artist from Oslo is unstoppable and we are loving it!

Listen now to “Lara” and check out SASSY 009’s latest EP below: