Sable returns with new single “Long Hot Summer”

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Manchester-born, Berlin-based musician Sable is back with an infectious new single right in time for summer! “Long Hot Summer” is her first release in 2022 and follows her EP “Kitchen Sink” from last year.

With her new music Sable is stepping away from the darker electronic vibe of her previous EP and actually leans slightly into the world of pop. Let us tell you that we are totally here for it! “Long Hot Summer” is a super infectious track thanks to Sable’s great production and the effective chorus. Berlin is slowly heating up and Sable’s new single is the perfect summer jam for these warm days and nights. We are sure this rising talent is ready for big things and we can’t wait to hear it! About the new single Sable says: 

“The past year has been characterised by these strange tensions. On the one hand, we can see our loved ones again, dance in a room full of total strangers and sing together at last. On the other, there is a seemingly never ending string of crises and uncertainty looming over our heads. I wanted to write a track that encapsulated that mismatch – something you can dance to and sing at the top of your lungs, without ignoring how bizarre it is to want that in the face of so much chaos.”

Long Hot Summer” is out now on all platforms.