Quelle Rox shares dreamy new single “Rollercoaster of a Ride”

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Brooklyn-based Quelle Rox is back with another lo-fi jam! Impressing us before with singles like “Cosmic Gloom” and “Sparkly Eyes“, the bedroom artist just shared “Rollercoaster of a Ride“. On her new single Quelle Rox seems to truly create a unique sound of her own and it’s probably her best effort yet!

From the first few seconds of “Rollercoaster of a Ride” we know we’re up for something special. We join Quelle Rox on a majestic ride into her lush and dreamy soundscape. The song’s lyrics ”I need a vacation, just from this life’, are more relevant than ever. She offers beautiful lyrics and heartfelt vocals over a subtle synth production. Little by little Rox puts us in a trance-like state, wishing that “Rollercoaster of a Ride” would never end. If all that doesn’t sound exciting enough, wait for the end! The added nostalgic guitar outro truly makes this track perfect.