Purity Ring makes grand return with heavenly “stardew”

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Canadian band Purity Ring is finally making its big return! Megan James and Corin Roddick were responsible for some of our favourite tracks in the early 2010’s, including their biggest hit “Fineshrine“. After releasing their debut album “Shrines” in 2012 and the follow-up “Another Eternity” in 2015, the electronic duo is finally back! Together with the announcement of their new single, Purity Ring just announced their upcoming album “WOMB” out April 3th via 4AD.

Now, Purity Ring returns with their heavenly new single “stardew“. The track is nostalgic enough to make us long back to those early days when we first fell in love with the duo. They however don’t fully fall back in their old patterns, elevating their sound perfectly to the 2020’s. With “stardew” Purity Ring creates an extremely infectious synth-pop anthem, full of glistening synths and Megan’s lush vocals. We’re sure you’ll have this one on repeat for quite a while! The track is incredibly up-lifting and has left us wanting for more.

Welcome back!