PRISMA share ‘Lost’ music video from debut album ‘Something To Respond To’

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Photo: Bobby Mandrup

Sister-duo Sirid and Frida Møl Kristensen aka PRISMA have released their anticipated debut album ‘Something To Respond To’ last Friday. To celebrate the release of their debut the duo also shared a music video for the album’s focus track ‘Lost’.

New single ‘Lost’ is a beautiful nostalgic song that builds mostly around an infectious instrumental that brings us straight back to the 2010s. It’s haunting vocals against the uplifting production create a beautiful soundscape that elevates even more towards the end with the addition of a children’s choir. ‘Lost’ is one of many beautiful crafted and unique tracks on PRISMA’s debut album, which you can check out now below!

About ‘Lost’, the sisters mention:

The song “Lost” is the closer on side A and is a story about being a friend, a sister, a child or a parent to someone you love who’s dealing with the heavy weights of life. So much is happening in a relationship when one part is sick and sore. As a friend the balance between being patient and supportive and being able to take care of yourself can sometimes be very hard to navigate through. You love them, but they hurt you. They love you, but you hurt them. Cause the relationship and the habits of your energy changes. Everything is new and vulnerable.

Something To Respond To’ is out now via No3 / One Seven Music / Junobird.