PNAU and Vlossom share uplifting new single “Lucky”

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PNAU is back sharing their first new music of 2020 with “Lucky“! Fans of Empire Of The Sun, might know Australian band PNAU, since it’s a side project of Nick Littlemore. If Empire Of the Sun and PNAU wasn’t enough, he also started a new project with Alister Wright for Vlossom last year. Now, both worlds are colliding on the feel good anthem “Lucky”.

There’s currently a lot going on in the world, but let’s try to still enjoy the little things. Spring is here, temperatures are rising and the sun is shining. “Lucky” is the perfect soundtrack for these times and all you need to hear today. It’s incredibly uplifting and we’re sure it will instantly put a big smile on your face. So forget about all your worries for a bit and just think about all the good things you have and dance along to “Lucky“!