Natalia Lacunza shares ‘VERDADERO’ music video and releases new EP ‘DURO’

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Spanish singer Natalia Lacunza has released her brand new EP ‘DURO’. The collection of five songs is represented by five cute characters that all represent a different track on the EP. After delivering the fantastic ‘Nunca Llega 05’ and ‘Intro (DURO)’ she celebrates the release of the new collection with a music video for ‘VERDADERO’.

Natalia Lacunza seems to have truly found her own sound on ‘DURO’, blending different elements of house, reggaeton, hyperpop and turning them into a great collection of impeccable pop songs. On the five track EP, Natalia showcases her introspective lyrics and bends her vocals in all different shapes to perfectly fit the different soundscapes.

We are in love with the ‘DURO’ EP and the rest of the world truly deserves to discover Natalia Lacunza as well. We can’t wait to hear what she does next! Also a big shout out to Ángela Bacher who is responsible for designing the cover art and the adorable characters. You can get a 10″ vinyl of the new EP here.

About ‘DURO’, Natalia Lacunza says:

“‘DURO’ is a set of songs born from the need to explore and adopt a freer way of creating. Both musically and narratively, I wanted to make a project that would entertain me and connect with sensations and sounds that have surrounded me over the last few years, but that had not yet come out in the form of my own songs.” 

Watch the music video for ‘VERDADERO’ now below.

DURO‘ is out on all platforms.