Madge shares captivating new single ‘Bonedeep’

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Let us introduce you to rising Pop star Madge, in case you didn’t know her yet. The DIY artist is based in LA and finds her inspiration in Celtic mythology, contemporary spirituality and her Mormom upbringing! All these fascinating inspirations are put into the artist’s great take on pop music.

While having a dream about her little brother, the artist got inspired to create her new single ‘Bonedeep‘. The melody was instantly born when she woke up from her dream. The captivating single shows Madge’s angelic vocals accompanied by a haunting production. Listening to ‘Bonedeep‘ instantly puts you under a spell. Slowly entering the surrealist dream world of Madge. Especially once the chilling, but gorgeous strings kick in. We can’t wait to hear what else this rising Pop star is going to bring us!

Take a listen now and watch the video below: