Lewis OfMan unveils new single ‘Frisco Blues’

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French multi-instrumentalist Lewis OfMan has returned with a new release following his collaboration on ‘Highway’ with none other than Empress Of. This time, he’s offering a sneak peek of his forthcoming album with the latest single, ‘Frisco Blues.’ The new record is slated for release next year, and in celebration of this new single, Lewis has also announced an upcoming European tour.

Lewis OfMan is embarking on a fresh musical journey with these new tracks, spanning from grand electronic pop anthems to more acoustic and organic sounds, and we are thoroughly enjoying the direction he’s taking. ‘Frisco Blues,’ the new single, creates a dreamy soundscape with acoustic guitar and a delightful sample of a children’s choir he stumbled upon in New York. The song exudes a dreamlike quality, and we are eagerly anticipating what’s to come!

To wrap up the chapter of his debut album ‘Sonic Poems,’ Lewis has also shared a captivating short documentary titled “The End of Sonic Poems,” directed by Eno Freedman.

Check here for upcoming tour dates. ‘Frisco Blues’ is out now on all platforms via Profil de Face.