Lasse Matthiessen announces new album “Dreams” and shares single “Emotional”

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Danish born, Berlin-based musician Lasse Matthiessen is back with a stunning new single called “Emotional”. Together with the single announcement Lasse also unveils an upcoming tour in Germany an his new album “Dreams”, out at the end of this year.

Since his 2021 EP release “Coordinates Remain“, Lasse slowly started to make the transition from a singer-songwriter sound to synthpop, opting for more darker and electronic sounds. Luckily so because that’s exactly the sound we adore! On his new single “Emotional”, Lasse’s beautiful deep vocals glide against a hypnotizing electronic production that puts you right under the singer’s spell. The heartfelt vocals and dark and dreamy synths turn this into a stunning track that you’ll just have to play on repeat. About the new single Lasse says:

“I wrote ‘Emotional’ in Hamburg after a concert. It was created by the neon lights of the night, the noise, the sweat, the beat and the pumping pulse in the Reeperbahn neighborhood. It came from everything that you can’t control in your life… and then comes the chorus where I shut out all noise and sing while sitting next to the listener’s ear: ‘I get so emotional and I can’t seem to control myself.”

Emotional” is out now on all platforms.