KÅRP conclude Apocalypse Trilogy with ‘Radical You’ EP

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Photo: Ellika Henrikson

Swedish duo KÅRP share today their final EP in their apocalypse trilogy, titled ‘Radical You’. The talented duo started back in 2022 with the exploration of the end of the world through a bunch of singles and EP’s. After sharing ‘KRIS’ and ‘Perfect Order’ it’s now time for the final installment.

In their new EP ‘Radical You,’ KÅRP offers a glimpse of hope, suggesting that from the ashes of the old world, a new and better one can emerge. Amidst all the chaos in the world, this is undoubtedly a message we all deserve to believe in nowadays. KÅRP consistently know how to captivate our attention from the first few seconds the music begins, and in their latest release ‘Radical You,’ they once again deliver epic, synth-heavy productions complemented by soaring vocals. Alongside the previously shared singles ‘Zero Heartbeat’ and ‘Greasy Makeup,’ you’ll find two fresh tracks – the explosive ‘K Lay On Your Hands’ and the more delicate ‘Nothing But Cold.’ KÅRP undeniably offers a comforting glimmer, and we’re eagerly awaiting the next thrilling adventure. Get ready for an exciting ride!

Who could have imagined that faith, hope, and love would be the most subversive things one can think of in 2023? Not us. But we have decided to believe in you. In the radical within you. In you being the key to the new world. The one that doesn’t show up in the news, in your bank account, or in your Instagram feed. The world we all wish for when we open our eyes in the morning. We love it. But first, everything must fall, 

About ‘K Lay On Your Hands’ the duo says:

This song is like an instruction manual. The instruction goes something like this: There is music within you. It may be the most important thing you have. Repeat it within yourself over and over again if anyone tries to take it from you. Like a pumping beat adorned with arpeggios.

Radical You‘ is out now on all platforms.