Julie Byrne returns with stunning single ‘Summer Glass’

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Julie Byrne, the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, is finally back! She just announced her brand new album ‘The Greater Wings’, her first release since 2017’s ‘Not Even Happiness’ album. Together with the album announcement Julie Byrne also unveils a beautiful ballad ‘Summer Glass’

The album’s first single is a stunning track that showcases Byrne’s heartwarming and soothing vocals against a gorgeous and rich production. Instead of making another track in her signature stripped-down folk sound, Julie Byrne goes in a slightly new direction adding ambient synths. Be sure to also give the visuals a watch since they added even more beauty to an already stunning song.

About the new album she says:

“My hope for The Greater Wings is that it lives as a love letter to my chosen family and as an expression of the depth of my commitment to our shared future,” Byrne explains. “Being reshaped by grief also has me more aware of what death does not take from me. I commit that to heart, to words, to sound. Music is not bound to any kind of linear time, so in the capacity to record and speak to the future: this is what it felt like to me, when we were simultaneous, alive, occurring all at once. What it has felt like to go up against my edge and push, the love that has made it worth all this fight. These memories are my values, they belong with me.”

‘Summer Glass’ is out now on all platforms. ‘The Greater Wings‘ arrives July 7th via Ghostly.