John Moods announces new album and shares first single “It Ain’t Your Time”

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John Moods is back! Fresh of his brilliant 2021 album “So Sweet So Nice”, the Berlin musician is now getting ready for it’s follow-up titled “The Great Design“. Together with the announcement John Moods also shares the record’s first single “It Ain’t Your Time“.

We didn’t think John Moods was able to top some of his great music of last year, including the stellar singles “So Sweet So Nice”, “Without You” and “Talk To Me” but it seems he did! New single “It Ain’t Your Time” might be one of our favourites yet! No one out there can create these stunning songs filled with so much emotion and nostalgia quite like John Moods. Once again the talented artist creates a heartwarming song that just uplift our spirits once the chorus kicks in. About the new single John says:

“When this song comes on, I think of us humans, our folly, the incessant dance of life, all the mess, the large scale and the little joys, the abundance of wisdom and the lack thereof, the serene beauty of cemeteries, business men trying to grab things quickly, people conning themselves and each other, the perspective of an eagle, the hearing of a bat… It is definitely a marriage of the zoomed in and the zoomed out. A grand collage of everything but for me it is about time passing, about that nothing I do will ever stop the flow and what else can you do but swim along.”

We can’t wait to hear what else John Moods is going to bring for this album. Be sue to give the cute music video a watch as well which includes old footage of John as a kid!

It Ain’t Your Time” is out now on all platforms. “The Great Design” arrives November 11th via Mansions and Millions.